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Impulse Talk about the SDGs at the CSR summer brunch at Gösser Brewery

André Martinuzzi, head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, gave an impulse talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a frame of reference for successful corporations and debated with 40 representatives from business and advocacy groups at the annual CSR summer brunch organised by respACT. He talked about corporate implementation of the SDGs and emphasized that in the future not only profits, market shares and innovation will determine managers’ success, but also the achieved impacts on the SDGs. That requires broad, long-term and systemic perspectives and new management methods. Martinuzzi discussed how the methods for integrative management of the SDGs should be designed. In this context, he presented the GLOBAL VALUE Tool-Navigator. This navigator is based on an analysis of more than 200 tools and supports companies in choosing the best tool for managing their SDG impacts.

The CSR summer brunch is organized annually by respACT, Austria’s leading corporate CSR platform and took place this year on July 17 at the Gösser Brewery. Gösser belongs to Brau Union Österreich and has for many years already put an emphasis on doing business sustainably. Gabriela Maria Straka, head of corporate affairs and CSR at Brau Union Österreich, moderated the CSR summer brunch.

You can find additional information concerning the event here.

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