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How green is the Green Deal? - Andreas Endl on Ö1


The Green Deal sets the course for green change in the economy. Technologies, such as solar panels, wind power and e-mobility are becoming essential for a climate-neutral Europe. However, these technologies involve a high consumption of raw materials. The basis for truly sustainable technologies is, therefore, already formed during the extraction of raw materials.

The Austria-wide radio station Ö1 reported in detail on this sustainable procurement of raw materials in the science program "Dimensionen". Andres Endl and the RE-SOURCING project (https://re-sourcing.eu/), coordinated by the Institute for Managing Sustainability, were a central part of this reporting.

In addition, Fiona Solomon (CEO of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative), Badrinath Veluri (President of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association), Emmanuel Umpula (African Resources Watch), and Andreas Hoepner (UC Dublin) were invited to speak.

The report is in German and can be followed with English subtitles here (LINK: Radio Coverage - How green is the green deal? - YouTube).

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