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Guest lecture by Dr. Gabriela-Maria Straka (Brau Union Österreich AG)

The courses offered by the Institute for Managing Sustainability each semester provide insights into sustainability practice to the students. In the winter semester 2018/19, Dr. Gabriela-Maria Straka, director of Corporate Affairs & CSR at Brau Union Österreich AG, gave a guest lecture as part of the courses offered by the Institute for Managing Sustainability. In her lecture, Dr. Straka gave insights into the sustainability management practice at Brau Union Österreich AG and its parent company Heineken. In particular she pointed out and discussed the sustainability strategy at the Göss Brewery. The Göss Brewery is considered by the group to be especially innovative and it has committed itself to environmental protection and sustainability as guiding principles for the production process. That is why the Göss Brewery only uses carefully selected and locally produced raw ingredients and exclusively makes use of renewable energy in the brewing process. As a consequence, Göss Brewery has become the first CO2 neutral brewery in the world.

Over the past few years, bachelor theses have been written at the Institute for Managing Sustainability on Brau Union Österreich AG’s various sustainability activities. In the ensuing discussion, the approximately 100 students used the opportunity to reflect on the lecture together with Dr. Straka.

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