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WU Awards 2021 - Outstanding research and teaching achievements by WU students and faculty


Excellence in the Spotlight The WU Awards put the spotlight on teachers and researchers whose achievements during the past year helped strengthen WU’s reputation for excellence and develop solutions to current economic and social challenges.

Numerous researchers from the Institute were honored by the Rector's Office for their dedication and research achievements over the past year. The Institute’s awarded achievements can be found below and in the brochure WU Awards 2021.

The WU Best Paper Award, established in 2000, is presented annually to the authors of outstanding academic contributions published in the previous calendar year. The WU Best Paper Award is funded by the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna and is presented in 4 categories.

Category 1: Quantitative-analytical or theoretical work

  • Frey, Rüdiger, Kurt, Kevin, Damian, Camilla. 2020. How safe are European safe bonds? An analysis from the perspective of modern credit risk models. Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 119, 105939.

Star Journal publications are articles by WU researchers published in outstanding international journals. These journals are listed in WU’s Star Journal List.

  • Kovacova, Gabriela, Rudloff, Birgit. 2020. Time consistency of the mean-risk problem. Operations Research.

WU awards bonuses to its researchers for publications in internationally renowned journals and other outstanding academic achievements.

  • Ararat, Çagin, Rudloff, Birgit. 2020. Dual representations for systemic risk measures. Mathematics and Financial Economics. 14 (1), 139–174.

  • Birgit Rudloff, Ulus, Firdevs. 2020. Certainty Equivalent and Utility Indifference Pricing for Incomplete Preferences via Convex Vector Optimization. Mathematics and Financial Economics.

  • Kastner, Gregor, Huber, Forian. 2020. Sparse Bayesian Vector Autoregressions in Huge Dimensions. Journal of Forecasting. 39 1142–1165.

  • Altay, Sühan, Colaneri, Katia, Eksi-Altay, Zehra. 2020. Optimal Convergence Trading with Unobservable  Pricing Errors. Annals of Operations Research.

  • Hirk, Rainer, Hornik, Kurt, Vana, Laura. 2020. mvord: An R Package for Fitting Multivariate Ordinal Regression Models. Journal of Statistical Software. 93 (4), 1–41.

  • Frey, Rüdiger, Kurt, Kevin, Damian, Camilla. 2020. How safe are european safe bonds? An analysis from the perspective of modern credit risk models. Journal of Banking and Finance. 119

  • Hirk, Rainer, Vana, Laura, Pichler, Stefan, Hornik, Kurt. 2020. A joint model of failures and credit ratings. Journal of Credit Risk. 16 (4), 1–28.

  • Theußl, Stefan, Schwendinger, Florian, Hornik, Kurt. 2020. ROI: An extensible R optimization infrastructure. Journal of Statistical Software. 94 (15), 1–64.

  • Rusch, Thomas, Mair, Patrick, Hornik, Kurt. 2021. Cluster Optimized Proximity Scaling. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.

  • Fissler, Tobias, Hlavinova, Jana, Rudloff, Birgit. 2021. Elicitability and Identifiability of Systemic Risk Measures. Finance and Stochastics. 25 (1), 133–165. 

  • Zeileis, Achim, Fisher, Jason C., Hornik, Kurt, Ihaka, Ross, McWhite, Claire D., Murrell, Paul, Stauffer, Reto, Wilke, Claus O. 2020. colorspace: A toolbox for manipulating and assessing colors and palettes. Journal of Statistical Software. 96 (1), 1–49.

  • Hosszejni, Darjus, Kastner, Gregor. 2019. Approaches Toward the Bayesian Estimation of the Stochastic Volatility Model with Leverage. In: Bayesian Statistics and New Generations –  Selected Contributions from BAYSM 2018, Hrsg. Raffaele Argiento, Daniele Durante,  Sara Wade, 75–83. Cham: Springer.

  • Hosszejni, Darjus, Kastner, Gregor. 2019. stochvol 2.0.0 – Stochastic volatility models with leverage in R. The ISBA Bulletin – The official bulletin of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, 26.03.19

  • Knaus, Peter, Bitto-Nemling, Angela, Cadonna, Annalisa, Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia. 2019. shrinkTVP.

  • Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia, Malsiner-Walli, Gertraud. 2019. From here to infinity: sparse finite versus Dirichlet process mixtures in model-based clustering. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification. 13 (1), 33–64

These research projects carried out by WU researchers have been awarded third-party funding after undergoing rigorous international peer review.

  • Dynamic measures of systemic risk
    Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)
    Birgit Rudloff

  • Multivariate ordinal regression models for enhanced credit risk modeling
    Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)
    Rainer Hirk, Kurt Hornik, Laura Vana

  • Dreidimensionale Rekonstruktion und Klassifizierung hochauflösender optischer Satellitendaten (ReKlaSat3D)
    FFG – Österr. Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH
    Ronald Hochreiter


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