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Jana Hlavinová and Gabriela Kováčová won SIAM-FME Conference Paper Prize


Both first prizes of the SIAM-FME Conference Paper Prize went to the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics!

Jana Hlavinová won with her paper:
T. Fissler, R. Frongillo, J. Hlavinová, B. Rudloff (2021): Forecast Evaluation of Quantiles, Prediction Intervals, and other Set-Valued Functionals. Electronic Journal of Statistics 15(1), 1034-1084.

Gabriela Kováčová won with her paper:
G. Kováčová, B. Rudloff, I. Cialenco: Acceptability maximization. Submitted.

The prizes are awarded by the SIAM Activity Group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering (SIAG/FME).

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