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Announcement of a Series of Lectures in Memory of Engelbert J. Dockner


In April 2017 one of Austria's most renowned economists, Engelbert Dockner, passed away after a long and serious illness.

In his Ph. D. thesis, Engelbert Dockner derived an elegant stability analysis of two-state optimal control models. Another of his path-breaking contributions is the 'blue bible' on `Differential Games in Economics and Management Science' (joint with Jorgensen, Long and Sorger). For most of his career, he was a professor of finance and worked on diverse topics such as asset pricing, risk dynamics, and financial market structures.

In addition to his deep and broad research interests and his intellectual curiosity, Engelbert Dockner's trademark was his modest and well-balanced personality. He was highly regarded by his colleagues as an integrative person and arbitrator. After his diagnosis, he accepted his hard fate with equanimity.

To commemorate Engelbert Dockner's achievements we launch the DOCKNER LECTURES, a series of events that will take place alternatingly at the three universities in Vienna with which he was affiliated during his career.

The series will start on April 10th, 2019 at 4 pm, in Böcklsaal at the Vienna University of Technology with a lecture by Prof. Ngo Van Long from McGill University.

In 2020 it will be continued with a talk at the University of Vienna, and in 2021 there will be a lecture at the WU Vienna University of Business and Economics.

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