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Sustainability @WU

(Fun) Facts

Interesting facts and figures on environmental sustainability and social responsibility at WU.

Involvement for All

Ways to get involved as students, staff, or faculty.

Sustainability Networks

Local, regional and international sustainability networks in which WU is active.


WU-wide reports on our university's environmental and social sustainability efforts.

A Photographic Campus Tour – Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are honored and delighted to feature a visual tour of WU’s campus through the eyes of the photographer Evelyn Brezina. Her pictures are undoubtedly eye-openers – all taken from the height of Evelyn’s wheelchair.

This is how Evelyn describes herself and her work:

  • I'm a woman who sits in an electric wheelchair due to brittle bones and has had the outstanding opportunity to take photos of your university’s campus. I promise you, there's a lot to discover! . . . [To students] I wish I had your health to reset my life and study like you but what I CAN do is see the beauty that surrounds us, whether created by nature or by human genius. So have a wonderful time, lots of success and be inspired!”

In Evelyn’s work, inclusion and sustainability are inseparable. Scroll below through the selection of our favorites.

To follow Evelyn on Instagram, visit her page: vienna_wheelchair_view

Photo credits © Evelyn Brezina 2021