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Austrian Social Enterprise Monitor (ASEM) 2023/2024

The Austrian Social Enterprise Monitor 2023/2024 is the second national edition of the study based on data from the European Social Enterprise Monitor. It presents current findings and, as part of this second study, for the first time enables a comparison of comprehensive results relating to social entrepreneurship in Austria. In addition to the general objectives of the project, the current study offers new insights:

  1. New European and national focuses in the survey. More questions deal with the topic of impact measurement. Specific funding channels are surveyed at national level.

  2. The current study takes place under changed framework conditions due to the discontinuation of COVID funding, the effects of inflation and the introduction of the Verified Social Enterprise.

  3. The existing database from Austria enables comparisons between the different study results overall. Developments with regard to hurdles or satisfaction with the policy can thus be mapped.

  4. The study is also more international than ever, with 30 participating countries, allowing even more extensive comparisons to be made. 

  5. The continuation of the study also enables longitudinal comparisons of the 2021/2022 cohort. This allows growth trends and changes to be observed over several points in time. 


The survey phase took place between 08.11.2023 and 30.01.2024. 

Funding & Outreach Partner

Outreach Partner


Dr. Peter Vandor

Peter Vandor

Head of Social Entrepreneurship Center, Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Co-founder and Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Center. Research: Social entrepreneurship, migrant entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing and internationalisation among social entrepreneurs, civil society in CEE Founder of Social Impact Award.