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Intergenerational Collaboration Survey 2023 in partnership with We are Family Foundation

This global project aims to promote deeper understanding of processes and contexts within intergenerational collaboration via a survey. Together with the nonprofit organization We are Family Foundation we want to find out which factors facilitate successful intergenerational collaboration. Based on this data we will able to identify hurdles and potential strategic concepts.


Economic, environmental, social, and other critical issues are increasingly compromising the health, stability, and future of our world. Innovative and systemic change is needed, but encouraging and contributing to solutions can be challenging. Underrepresented generations, such as youth, often face difficulties in making their voice heard.

This global study aims to better understand how well such initiatives work in different contexts, and what it takes to build truly authentic forms of intergenerational collaboration. It is going to be conducted for the first time in this current form and disseminated with the help of a broad network of support organizations for social innovation.  

Purpose of the partnership:

The Social Entrepreneurship Center assists the project with the content related design process, the technical setup as well as with explorative data analysis. The survey is open from September 8th to October 13th. In addition to the survey there is going to be a written report about the most important results.


Dr. Peter Vandor

Peter Vandor

Head of Social Entrepreneurship Center, Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Co-founder and Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Center. Research: Social entrepreneurship, migrant entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing and internationalisation among social entrepreneurs, civil society in CEE Founder of Social Impact Award.
Fabian Hobodites, MSc (WU)

Fabian Hobodites

Research Assistant
Responsibilities: His main research projects are the European Social Enterprise Monitor Austria (ESEM) a project on migrant entrepreneurship and the Impact Hub survey