Hintere Außenansicht des D2 Gebäudes

Research and Consultancy

Intergenerational Collaboration Survey 2023 in partnership with We Are Family Foundation
Project team: Peter Vandor, Fabian Hobodites, Melina Matzawrakos
Project duration: Ongoing since 06/2024
Research project Eco-Anxiety, exposure to social entrepreneurship and pro-environmental action
Project team: Peter Vandor, Reinhard Millner, Michael Meyer, Martin Mehrwald, Fabian Hobodites
Project duration: Ongoing since 12/2022
The Possibilists 2023: Cooperation between the ChangemakerXchange gGmbH and the Social Entrepreneurship Center
Project team: Peter Vandor, Fabian Hobodites
Project duration: 10/2022 - 07/2023
Austrian Social Enterprise Monitor (ASEM)
Project team: Peter Vandor, Reinhard Millner, Michael Meyer, Fabian Hobodites, Melina Matzawrakos, Madgalena Winkler, Linda Gotsmy
Project duration: Ongoing since 07/2021
Social Impact Award: scientific monitoring
Project team: Peter Vandor
Commissioned by: Social Entrepreneurship Center
Project duration: Ongoing since 01/2015
Impact Hub Research Partnership: Global Member Survey, Global Maker Survey, Multiyear Analysis
Project team: Peter Vandor, Lukas Leitner
Project duration: Ongoing since 05/2013
COVID-19: Study on the Financial Situation of the Social Infrastructure in Vienna
Project team: Reinhard Millner, Paul Rameder, Martin Mehrwald, Lukas Weissinger
Commissioned by: Fond Soziales Wien (FSW)
Project duration: 4/2021 - 12/2021
Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to Scale their Impact Internationally (Erasmus+)
Project team: Peter Vandor, Magdalena Winkler, Martin Mehrwald
Project duration: 12/2020 - 03/2023
Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the social infrastructure in Austria. The situation of social organizations
Project team: Reinhard Millner, Camilla Mittelberger, Martin Mehrwald, Lukas Weissinger, Peter Vandor, Michael Meyer
Commissioned by: Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege und Konsumentenschutz (BMSGPK)
Project duration: 06/2020 – 09/2020
Analysis of Viennese social enterprises with a focus on the integration of refugees
Project team: Peter Vandor, Reinhard Millner, Camilla Mittelberger, Lukas Weissinger
Project duration: 05/2020 – 06/2021
Impact-oriented networks in the context of philanthropy: an evaluation of the Bosch Alumni Network
Project team: Peter Vandor, Lukas Leitner
Commissioned by: International Alumni Center
Project duration: 09/2019 - 12/2020
Civil Society-Monitoring in CEE
Project team: Eva More-Hollerweger, Flavia-Elvira Bogorin
Project duration: 05/2018 - 04/2019
Cross-sector partnerships. Kooperationen integrativ & transformativ gestalten, SEC Working Paper #1
Project team: Anja Christanell, Clara Moder und Reinhard Millner
Social Innovation in the Social Service and Health Care Sector: Drivers, Barriers, and OpportunitiesProject team: Paul Rameder, Reinhard Millner, Clara Moder, Anja Christanell, Peter Vandor und Michael Meyer
Commissioned by: Vinzenz Gruppe Krankenhausbeteiligungs- und Management GmbH
Project duration: 2/2016-9/2016
The Potential of Social Business in Austria
Project team: Peter Vandor, Reinhard Millner, Clara Moder, Hanna Schneider, Michael Meyer
Commissioned by: aws Austria, BMASK, Rat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung
Project duration: 01/2015-10/2015
Social Impact Bond
Project team: Reinhard Millner, Michael Meyer, Clara Moder, Nina Resch
Commissioned by: BMASK, JUVAT
Project duration: 09/2015-08/2018
Monitoring and Project Evaluation for the T-Mobile Environment and Sustainability Funds 2015
Project team: Reinhard Millner, Peter Vandor, Pablo Viveros
Commissioned by: T-Mobile
Project duration: 11/2014-03/2016
Project team: Hanna Schneider, Reinhard Millner, Michael Meyer
Commissioned by: European Commission, VU Amsterdam
Project duration: 02/2013-07/2015
ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy – CEE Research
Project team: Peter Vandor, Reinhard Millner, Nina Resch, Clara Moder, Michael Meyer, Nicole Traxler
Commissioned by: ERSTE Foundation
Project duration: 07/2015-08/2016
Social Innovation Academy of the European Social Innovation Competition
Project team: Reinhard Millner, Peter Vandor, Nicole Traxler, Michael Meyer
Commissioned by: European Commission, Kennisland, NESTA
Project duration: 05/2015-10/2015
AWS First - Programmbegleitung
Project team: Peter Vandor
Commissioned by: AWS, IMC Krems 
Project duration: 05/2015-10/2016