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Study presentation "Impact Analysis of the Viennese Homeless Service"

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The Dachverband Wiener Sozialeinrichtungen and the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship of the Vienna University of Economics and Business invited to the presentation of the results of the Impact Analysis of Viennese Assistance to the Homeless on 2 March 2021. The event took place online via Zoom and about 140 interested people participated.
The team of the Competence Centre for Nonprofit Organisations conducted an "Impact Analysis of Viennese Assistance to the Homeless" in 2019 - 2020 on behalf of the Dachverband Wiener Sozialeinrichtungen. The impact analysis addressed the questions of what needs exist in Viennese homeless assistance, how the interaction of Viennese homeless assistance effectively addresses these needs, and what other diverse effects Viennese homeless assistance has on organisations, authorities and the population in the city of Vienna. From this, options for action were derived in order to act even more effectively in the future.