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Presentation of the study "Social added value of the socio-economic property management company dahir ltd"


Appreciation creates added value - this was the motto of the discussion between Christian Grünhaus (prev. Schober) and Constanze Beeck on February 15, 2019 with representatives of the real estate industry and the City of Graz where they presented the results of the SROI analysis of the socio-economic property management.

As a socio-economic property management company, dahir brings social innovation to the classic concept of property management using a method developed in-house. dahir means connecting the owners of a property, their tenants and the property management company through constant communication. The method involves selecting new tenants on the basis of a personal interview. Proof of income plays no role in the selection process. Instead, care is taken to create a good living environment for all tenants in the building. If necessary, this exchange will continue after moving in. In this way, individual solutions are developed for the various problems of the tenants. These can be payment in instalments or the property management can help tenants to assert their claims with state institutions. If necessary, the property management provides support with telephone calls, visits to the authorities or mediates to corresponding offers from other organisations. In addition to the economic benefit of a classic property management activity, the socio-economic property management achieves social added value.

This comprehensive social added value was illustrated by means of a Social Return On Investment (SROI) analysis "light". The stakeholders of the project were identified and then the means used (input) were compared with the achievements (output) and their impacts (outcome). These impacts were quantified and evaluated in monetary units. The social return on investment is thus the ratio between the project investment and the financial value of the social added. An examination of the purely economic effects of dahir yields an SROI value of 1.41. If all effects, i.e. the total profit, are related to the total investment of dahir, this results in an SROI value of 4.73. This means that every euro invested in the property management of dahir creates effects in the monetised equivalent of 4.73 euros. This is a relatively high SROI value, which in the present case can be attributed to a comparatively low financial outlay to achieve a variety of impacts. Overall, the property management sector shows that personal communication and mutual understanding and appreciation creates a very high social added value.

Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Christian Grünhaus

Christian Grünhaus

Academic Director, Senior Researcher (prev. Schober)
Responsibilities: Work and research focus: Evaluation, SROI analyzes, financing, donation behavior, job satisfaction and motivation, care for the elderly, care for the disabled and accessibility