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Flavia Bogorin's Speech at the #YOVO2020

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As part of #YOVO2020, the online fair for young volunteers, Flavia Bogorin gave a presentation on volunteering and career. As volunteering is one of her main areas of research, she was invited as an expert on this topic and spoke about the changing framework conditions for volunteering and especially addressed the career aspect of volunteering. The #YOVO2020 took place online for the first time from June 16th to June 18th, 2020 and offered lectures, interviews, virtual booths and much more to those interested.

The NPO Competence Center brings along many years of expertise and experience in volunteer research. In 2009, we were in charge of the first Volunteer Report of the Ministry of Social Affairs and have also made significant contributions to the second (2015) and third Volunteer Report (2019). In addition, we have dealt with the topic of volunteering in various scientific publications in recent years.

As part of the third volunteer report, Flavia Bogorin contributed to an article that examined the constantly changing framework conditions of volunteering. These changes are redefining volunteering and have an impact on the different areas of volunteers' lives - from the private and leisure sectors to the professional context. Consequently, strategies for reconciling these areas of life also need to be regularly re-evaluated and adapted as necessary. These effects were also discussed in the lecture at #YOVO2020. The focus was on the function of volunteering in the professional context, taking into account the changed framework conditions and with a special focus on young volunteers.

Click here for the presentation, which was held in German.