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Alexander Zauner

Dr. Alexander Zauner holds the professorship for Digital Marketing & Social Media at the JKU in Linz since the beginning of 2020. He is also a member of the management of Business Gladiators GmbH and Senior Advisor at the Campaigning Bureau in Vienna. In this role he accompanies leading brands & organisations in relation to strategic and digital communication. Prior to that, Alexander Zauner worked at marketmind and as a research assistant at the Department of Marketing at WU Vienna.

His teaching and research interests are anchored in core topics of marketing - including digital marketing & social media, brand management and strategic communication. The focus is on the challenges and opportunities that digitalization and globalization bring to companies. He works on these and other topics in international teams of experts and in close cooperation with business practice.

Alexander Zauner was awarded the Rudolf Sallinger Prize for his dissertation. He won the prize for the best paper at the Latin American Retail Conference, the Best Paper Award at WU Vienna and the Practitioner Award of the Academy of Marketing. His work has been published in multidisciplinary scientific journals, including Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Psychology & Marketing and Review of Managerial Science.

Selected Publications:

  • Multiple value dimensions spill-over—An experimental approach in a consumption system comprising a product and a service. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 16 (4): 352-362, 2017 (mit A. Floh, M. Koller, C. Teller)

  • Customer segmentation using unobserved heterogeneity in the perceived-value-loyaltyintentions link. Journal of Business Research, 67 (5): 974-982, 2014 (mit A. Floh, M. Koller, T. Rusch)

  • Working on a dream: Sustainable organisational change in SMEs using the example of the Austrian wine industry. Review of Managerial Science, 9 (2): 285–315, 2014 (mit I. Hatak, A. Floh)

  • Taking a deeper look at online reviews: The asymmetric effect of valence intensity on shopping behaviour. Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (5–6): 646–670, 2013 (mit A. Floh, M. Koller)

  • Community marketing in social media—Can marketers leverage Facebook groups of celebrities? International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 16 (4): 406–421, 2012 (mit M. Fink, D. Maresch, E. Aschauer)

  • Further insights into perceived value and consumer loyalty: A 'green' perspective. Psychology and Marketing, 28 (12): 1154–1176, 2011 (mit M. Koller, A. Floh)