Blick in das LC Gebäude

Research Talk by Prasad Naik, UC Davis (US)


As part of the Marketing Department’s research seminar series, Prasad Naik presented his upcoming paper, which aims at dealing with metrics unreliability. In many markets companies cannot rely on traditional performance indicators, since there is a high degree of uncertainty associated to them. This raises problems when trying to address the effectiveness of marketing expenditures in fields such as advertising or promotional campaigns. Therefore, it is of imperative importance to account for this uncertainty and provide managers easy solutions on how to address these problems. The following day Prof. Naik gave a lecture focused on Dynamic Marketing Models. In this colloquium, he provided an overview of the current models and provided further details on some of the econometric tools underlying such models. We thank Prof. Naik for his visit at WU and for sharing his knowledge with us.   Please check out the agenda for our upcoming speakers.

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