Library Card

To access the libraries and borrow materials from any of the WU libraries, you will need a WU library card. Please register for an appointment to receive your library card first (see below). If you already have a library card but it has expired, please email us at In this case, it is not necessary to book an appointment to receive your library card.

Please bring all the necessary documents. You will receive the library card at the library front desk of the Central Library (Level 1, Building LC). You will only receive a library card if you bring all the necessary documents.

Students (place of residence in Austria) of other universities and universities of applied sciences within the EU.student ID card

residence registration document (Meldebestätigung)
one-time registration fee of € 1024 month from issuing
Concurrently enrolled studentofficial photo IDfree of chargeas long as your enrollment at WU
WU alumni
(Supporter level [donations from 100 €] and above)
WU Alumni Club membership card

residence registration document (Meldebestätigung)
free of charge12 month from issuing
Students of upper secondary and vocational secondary schools
(Persons under the age of 18 years must provide a declaration of liability from a parent or guardian)
student ID

residence registration document (Meldebestätigung)

declaration of liability
free of charge24 month from issuing
Persons (non-students) with place of residence in Austriaofficial photo ID

residence registration document (Meldebestätigung)
one-year library card € 15

monthly card (valid for 6 months) € 10
12 or 6 month from issuing

Besides the documents mentioned above we also ask you to fill in and sign the master data sheet.


For further questions, please send an email to

Loss of Library Card, Blocking a Library Account

You can request a duplicate library card at the front desk in the Central Library. The processing fee is € 5,-. To do so, please contact the library (

In the event of loss or theft of your library card, please have your library account blocked immediately. To do so, please contact the library (