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Quench your thirst for knowledge ... at WU Library's search_bar

You’ve taken one of the library’s courses, but you still have questions? You’ve encountered a problem during your literature research or while working with a reference management program?

WU Library & Sustainability | Bring your own bottle

Drinking fountains, a bottle-filling station and glass return boxes - all these help to avoid waste in the WU Library.

WU Library & Sustainability | Light and shade in the library

Have you ever noticed the different light zones in our university library?

NEW: Feedback via the WU Catalog

Do you have a question about your search, can't find a specific book or have you discovered a broken link?

Library History

How long do you think WU Library has been around? Can you imagine what a "card catalog" is?

Provenance research at the WU Library - about the origins of our books

In the university library, you will find over 690,000 printed books. Among these, however, there are also some whose provenance has not been clearly established.

Learning zones and accessibility in the WU Library

The WU Library strives to be a reading and learning space for all library users. Therefore, the learning zones are adapted to the different learning needs (e.g. silent work, communicative area,…

Study & Chill in the WU Library

Are you looking for a place to write your thesis? Do you need a space for your group meetings? In the WU Library, we have suitable learning spaces for you.

WU Library & Sustainability | Scanning instead of copying

To help save paper, the WU Library is scanning instead of copying.

Focus Languages

Which cultural differences are there in language use? What is intercultural communication? How do you negotiate successfully with international business partners?