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Update on reference management – EndNote

Even more reference management: In addition to the programs Citavi, Zotero and Juris-M, WU students can now also use the desktop application EndNote 20 starting with June 1, 2021.

New digital collection: Historical wallcharts

Have you ever wondered what nutmeg or black pepper look like under a microscope?

BIB-Insider: Reference management

Which reference management program is best suited to your needs? You have questions about importing references or need a particular citation style?

BIB-Insider: Literature research with Google Scholar

For which areas of research is Google Scholar suitable and what should you keep in mind?

Readings for STEOP & CBK

Are you looking for the book “Macroeconomics” by Blanchard? Where can you find the required readings for “Accounting and Management Control”?

BIB-Insider: Digital Newslounge

You want to stay up to date on politics, business and the economy? The WU Library gives you access to numerous national and international newspapers and magazines, even from home.

read!t activation - NEW from January 19, 2021

The reading list management system read!t can be activated independently by course teachers and course administrators from January 19, 2021 via MyLEARN...

Nobel Prize in Economics 2020

The 2020 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded to Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction…

Fit 4 Research Online Session “Introduction to literature search”

The University Library switches to distance learning and offers virtual courses. The Fit 4 Research Online Session “Introduction to literature search” focuses on finding electronically available…

New electronic resource: Cabell's Blacklist

In order to assist researchers, students and science administrators in identifying journals that use dubious or fraudulent publishing practices, the WU library has now licensed Cabell's Blacklist.