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Fit4Research – the WU Library’s eLearning program

Literature research – Finding your way around the Library – Managing references

Learning zones and accessibility in the WU Library

The WU Library strives to be a reading and learning space for all library users. Therefore, the learning zones are adapted to the different learning needs (e.g. silent work, communicative area,…

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As a new service, our search_bar is here for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays online & in the Central Library.

Study & Chill in the WU Library

Are you looking for a place to write your thesis? Do you need a space for your group meetings? In the WU Library, we have suitable learning spaces for you.

WU Library & Sustainability | Scanning instead of copying

To help save paper, the WU Library is scanning instead of copying.

Focus Languages

Which cultural differences are there in language use? What is intercultural communication? How do you negotiate successfully with international business partners?