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Master’s Theses

At master’s level, Verena Madner and her team supervise thesis projects of students in WU’s Master’s Program in Business Law (MaWiRe) and in the Master’s Program in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP).

If you are interested in applying for supervision of your master’s thesis, please follow the process outlined below.

MaWiRe students who are interested in writing their master’s thesis in the area of environmental law as well as European and international economic law may submit their proposed topic at any time. In a next step, we will clarify whether the topic matches our research areas and specific interests and whether capacities for supervision are available. In case we can confirm both, we will ask you to submit a thesis exposé, which includes a description of your topic, your research question and a preliminary structure as well as bibliography and list of case-law. The submitted exposé serves as the basis for the decision whether we can supervise the proposed thesis.

MaWiRe students are asked to submit their proposed topics as described above to Birgit Hollaus at

For SEEP students, information on supervision and potential topics for master’s theses will be provided in class.