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Successful Defensio Dissertationis of Birgit Hollaus


As the final step in her doctoral studies, Birgit Hollaus successfully defended her thesis on environmental compliance mechanisms in a virtual setting.

Birgit's doctoral thesis An EU Law Perspective on Compliance Mechanisms sits right at the crucial intersection of international and EU law. In a context where environmental compliance mechanisms are largely a scientific blue ocean from an EU perspective, the thesis highlights the rapport between these treaty-based mechanisms, their institutions and decisions, and EU law. Thereby, it contributes both to EU environmental and international law research. Birgit defended her thesis successfully on 26th January, 2021 before the doctoral committee, comprised of Professors Verena Madner, Erich Vranes, Christoph Grabenwarter (all WU), and Professor Joanne Scott (EUI).

Congratulations for this excellent achievement!

Photo of Birgit Hollaus' Defensio Dissertationis
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