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Resetting Your Password

In case you have forgotten your account password, you can reset it using the Controlpanel application. Just click on Forgot your account password? at the home page. In combination with your cell phone you can easily set a new password.

Prerequisite: having registered a cell phone number beforehand.

If you have not registered a cell phone number, please go to the IT Support Center. By showing a valid photo ID, you will be given a new password.

Step 1 - Choose to reset your account password

Click "Forgot your account password?" at the login page of the Controlpanel application.

Password reset (step 1): Use the link "Forgot your account password?"

Step 2 - Enter your (valid) username

WU employees log in with their usernames (e.g. mmusterm).
Students use h+student ID number (e.g. h0123456).

Then click Submit.

Password reset (step 2): Enter your username and click Submit

Step 3 - Enter PIN code and new password

Via SMS you will receive a PIN code which you have to use to set your new account password. When creating a new password please consider the general IT security recommendations as well as the IT security policies.

Password reset (step 3): Enter PIN and new account password, click Submit
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