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International Scholars in Strategy & Organization regularly discuss their work in our IOD Research Seminar:

Yan Anthea Zhang

Prof. Yan "Anthea" Zhang visited us at IOD

This week, Prof. Yan "Anthea" Zhang visited us at the IOD. Dr. Yan “Anthea” Zhang is the Fayez Sarofim Vanguard Chair Professor of Strategy in the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University.…

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PhD seminar in Passau

At the beginning of December, the IOD spent two enriching and informative days at the doctoral seminar at the University of Passau. Many thanks to Prof. Carolin Häussler and Prof. Andreas König for…

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A visit by Prof. Caterina Moschieri

We were delighted to have Prof. Caterina Moschieri as a speaker for the Female Scholar Program.

[Translate to English:] Christine Shropshire

Prof. Christine Shropshire at the IOD

Recently, Prof. Christine Shropshire from W. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University visited us at the IOD

[Translate to English:] Katharina Fellnhofer

Research visit of Dr. Katharina Fellnhofer

The IOD Team had a fantastic time hosting Katharina Fellnhofer, a Marie Curie Fellow at ETH Zürich, for a visit that was as enlightening as it was enjoyable.

Thomas Fischer

Research visit of Prof. Thomas Fischer

We were pleased to host Prof. Thomas Fischer, Associate Professor of Responsible Leadership at the Université de Genève.

Claudia Jonczyk visited us

Prof. Claudia Jonczyk visited us

Last week Prof. Jonczyk from the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland visited us at the IOD.

[Translate to English:] Prof. Andreas Richter und das IOD Team

Prof. Andreas Richter visited us

Last week Prof. Andreas Richter from Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University, visited us at the IOD.

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Prof. Stevo Pavićević visited us!

This week we had the pleasure of hosting Stevo Pavićević, Assistant Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Stevo presented his research on "A Dyadic Interactionist Perspective on…

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Sebastian Raisch

Research talk with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Raisch

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Raisch, University of Geneva Prof. Raisch visited the IOD Mid-January and held a research talk about "Augmentation: A Relational View of Humans and Machines in Organizations".…

More of our guests can bei found on the Female Scholar program page:

WU Female Scholar Program