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Female Scholar Program

The Female Scholar Program (FSP) aims at connecting junior female scholars at WU with established international female scholars, making female academic role models visible, as well as revealing and illustrating strategies for academic career planning.

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Female Scholar Program

Female Scholar Program at WU

The Female Scholar Program (FSP), founded by Prof. Dr. Klarner in 2017 and supported by Rector Prof. Hanappi-Egger, is a university-wide program for Ph.D. students, Postdocs and Junior Faculty at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

In the coming years, we will invite a number of top female scholars to WU to share their insights and lessons learned in speeches, workshops, and informal events. Established female scholars will therefore share their knowledge and experience with future female scholars.

Our female scholars will discuss topics such as

  • academic career planning

  • building an international academic network

  • managing career changes

  • international differences in academic careers

  • mastering challenges along different career phases

  • managing a pipeline of research projects

  • mastering work-life balance in academia

Junior female scholars at WU will have many opportunities to discuss important questions and personal issues with experts and build an academic network for research visits, research cooperation, and possible placements or appointments.

We will inform our FSP participants about upcoming events and activities on this website. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

For a wide range of further workshops and comprehensive, personalized career planning and development programs, please see the WU personnel development web pages at Your contacts at the Personnel Development and Planning Office: Tanja Guggenbichler (ext. 5367, your contact for the WU Career Program for Women in Research) and Sandra Vesely (ext. 5831, your contact for the WU in-house training programs and career development services for post-docs).