Ausschnitt eines Glasdachs des LC Gebäude

WU Leadership Conversations with Andreas Bierwirth


On April 16th we had the pleasure of hosting Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of AVCON JET and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DO & CO AG, at our WU Leadership Conversations series.

Dr. Bierwirth offered excellent insights into dealing with uncertainty as a CEO and board director, building an effective top management team, and developing a strong and diverse leadership pipeline in organizations.

His significant experience as a CEO, top executive, and board director in industries such as aviation, telecommunications, and banking was a rich source for our discussion on how to lead with passion and authenticity, the importance of remaining curious and open for taking on leadership opportunities, and the role of networks for leaders.

We are highly grateful to Dr. Bierwirth for the valuable leadership insights and to our guests for the fantastic discussion!

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