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Prerequisites & Admission


Please be aware that all of our courses are taught in English. Therefore, proficient English in speaking, reading and writing are an absolute necessity!

Admission to the specialization Information and Management Control (IMC) is competitive and all standard prerequisites for admission to business administration specializations have to be met. The assignment of places will be based on the grade average for all completed ECTS.

Note: 10 out of the available 30 places will be preferably given to students who have already completed at least one course of the major 'Business Information Systems' (Wirtschaftsinformatik). 

At least all of the following courses have to be completed for admission to the SBWL (depending on the enrolled bachelor program):

Business, Economics and Social Sciences (BaWiSo)

Business Law (WiRe)

Business and Economics (BBE)

Admission Process

The admission process for the SBWL IMC looks as follows:

  1. Students who meet all prerequisites (stated above) are required to register for course "Access to Specialization in Business Administration: Information Management and Control" during the registration period. The course type is ET and it is only implemented for handling the admission process.

  2. Within only a few days after the end of the ET registration period, all students who have successfully registered for the ET will be informed about the status of their application via email. There are the following possibilities:
    * Admission with a guaranteed seat to the SBWL
    * Waiting list for the second registration phase

  3. Students who are approved for the SBWL have a guaranteed place if they register for course 1 of our SBWL (Foundations of Information Management and Control) during the registration period. The course type is PI. Only successful registration for this introductory course confirms the participation in our SBWL.

  4. There might be some places left after the first registration period of the introductory course. In this case, there will be a second registration phase for the introductory course. During this phase, all approved students and also all students on the waiting list will be able to register for the introductory course. First come first serve. Also the first students on the LPIS waiting list of the introductory course might be present at the first unit. If participants miss the first unit without prior excuse, they will lose their place and students from the waiting list move up.


Important Dates

The important dates for summer semester 2024 are as follows:

  • Registration phase (ET 5226)
    01.02.2024 (14:00) - 07.02.2024 (23:59)

  • Notification of acceptance (via email)

  • Registration phase for accepted students (PI 4605)
    22.02.2024 (14:00) - 25.02.2024 (23:59)

  • If free places available (first come first serve):
    Second registration phase for students on the waiting list (PI 4605)
    28.02.2024 (14:00) - 08.03.2024 (23:59)

  • First unit of introductory course 1 (PI 4605)
    11.03.2024 (12:30 - 17:30 online)