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Industry and Government Partners

With our carefully selected partners from industry and government we conduct innovative research projects, support teaching, and bachelor's and master's theses. Practitioners help us to ensure that we are targeting actual, practical and relevant topics and problems, which we engage in basic and applied research. Cooperation with our partners is further supplemented by assisting target-oriented distribution of job offerings, integration into our courses as keynote speakers and organizing events to discuss relevant issues, like our practitioners talk. We have been cooperating, for example, with national government ministries, big four consultancies and audit companies, and many established firms (such as national and international banks) as well as young start-ups from the private sector. Our focus is, therefore, not only on classic IT companies but also on any organization that requires functioning IT solutions to successfully establish their services or products. This target has become a broad challenge in the current era of digitalization.

To support teaching, we currently discuss issues related to the management of IT risks in our SBWL Information Management & Control and the Competence Field "IS Management and Accountability" with Deloitte Services.

Professional and Research Associations

The Institute for Information Management and Control provides knowledge and is actively involved in professional and research associations. Currently the institute is dedicating itself to:

Research Partners

In particular our institute has developed close working relations with academic staff from the following highly ranked international Universities:

Research Funding Organizations

The organizations listed below support our research by funding our innovative research projects and scientific contributions: