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News and Events

Crisismanagment/RISkanalysis - CROSSover system

Large FFG funded research project on national Cybersecurity assessments successfully concluded

New Project “Knowledge transfer and digital innovation between Austria and Albania” funded from OeAD (WTZ Programme)

The Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD) together with the Albanian National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (AKKSHI) confirmed funding for the…

SBWL IMC get-together November 6, 2018

We invite all students of the SBWL Information Management and Control to join us at our informal kick-off get-together. Get social and exchange your experiences with other students and lecturers at…

SBWL Registration Winter Semester 2018/19

Come and join our SBWL Information Management and Control in the upcoming winter semester 2018/19. Registration starts on 27.8.2018, 14:00.

WU Awards: The Role of Data Governance - Christian Bruck receives WU's Talenta 2018 Award

Christian Bruck's awarded Bachelor Thesis, which was co-supervised by Edward Bernroider, explores the contemporary concept of Data Governance in both private and public organizations. It is not only…