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Call for Extended Abstracts


The workshop topic includes (but is not limited to):

  • Companies approaches towards e-waste

  • Organizational efforts to integrate green, responsible, ethical or social IT/IS

  • The role of the ICT industry for green, responsible, ethical or social IT/IS

  • Green IT/IS or Greenwashing

  • The “fair” (fair working conditions, fair wages, social insurance) aspects of ICT

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order impacts of companies’ green, responsible, ethical or social IT/IS

  • Information systems to support companies’ efforts towards green, responsible, ethical or social business conduct (Green IS)

  • The role of Green IS for reporting

  • Ethical issues of surveillance Business and ethical issues of the collection and processing of data

  • Extended abstracts may cover:

    • research proposals (RP),

    • work-in-progress (WIP)

    • or finished research projects (FRP).

  • An extended abstract is limited to 1 000 words (excluding references).

  • All abstracts must follow common rules of research submissions, using IEEE style citation.


Extended abstract papers must be submitted in pdf format via submission form.

Submission form


On acceptance of submission, candidates are required to confirm their workshop attendance as soon as possible but not later than September, 12th (Registration form online from August, 29th on). In addition, candidates must provide a short academic CV when registering.

Accepted abstracts that have been presented at the workshop will be published in the series of “Working Papers on Information Systems, Information Business and Operations”.

Pre-prints of camera-ready versions will be available to all workshop participants from September 19th in order to encourage participants to actively contribute to the research of others.