Ana Godonoga, MSc

Ana Godonoga works as Teaching and Research Associate at the Institute for Higher Education Management. Her core responsibilities include research, teaching and administrative duties for the Institute, student support activities and independent research. Her PhD focuses on the public mission and societal impact of universities. Ana is one of the lecturers in the “Independent Study in Business and Management” course and "International Strategic Management I" course, scheduled for the summer semester 2020.

Before joining WU, Ana worked as Associate Project Officer at UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning in France. She contributed to the development and implementation of international research projects on higher education and assisted with the design of online and blended learning courses on higher education governance and quality assurance. In addition, Ana worked on research projects related to higher education performance and quality management, both as a Research Assistant at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and as Vice-Chair of the Quality Advisory Board of the Erasmus Mundus Association.

Ana holds a joint Master’s degree in Research and Innovation in Higher Education from Danube University Krems, Austria and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany; and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the College of Wooster, United States. Her research interests relate to the public mission and societal impact of higher education, quality and performance management of universities and graduate employability.

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