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TIJA 2023

WU Campus

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome you to attend the 2023 Illinois International Accounting Symposium in Vienna, Austria.

Hosted by The International Journal of Accounting (TIJA) / Gies College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and jointly held with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the Symposium will take place at our WU Campus in Vienna from May 30 – June 2, 2023.

The main theme of the symposium is “Application of Big Data in International Accounting Research”. At the same time, innovative papers on other subjects in Accounting will also be discussed.

The Symposium starts on May 30, 2023, with the PhD Consortium, followed by the main sessions on May 31 and June 1, 2023.

Applications for the PhD Consortium have already closed.

There is no registration fee but all participants must register for the symposium through the online registration form by May 8, 2023. Accompanying persons must be indicated in the registration form.

Attending the Symposium will bring you to a modern campus located in the middle of a historic city which is consistently ranked among the most livable cities worldwide. As a vibrant city perfectly balanced between tradition and modernity, cosmopolitanism, and a love of nature, Vienna manages to combine apparent opposites effortlessly, blending them into one unique, diverse urban experience.

The heart of the university campus is the centrally located Library & Learning Center, designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. The building’s cantilevered roof is visible from afar, and the prominent glass-fronted monitor faces the popular Prater park.

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  • Illinois International Accounting Symposium

The Symposium began in 1967 with the goal of fostering research in international accounting and populating the ranks of scholars who are interested in the field. Since 2003, the Symposium has been held abroad in collaboration with other universities to help benefit the talents of scholars in different regions of the world.

  • Vienna and WU

In 1898, Vienna was one of the largest cities of the world. It was the flourishing metropolis of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, and business was booming. But one thing was missing: an educational institution teaching students all things related to international trade. Against this backdrop, the Imperial Export Academy, a forerunner of WU, was founded. The teaching offer at this institution of higher education was based on a groundbreaking new concept: in addition to commerce-related subjects and the study of trade goods, the curriculum also included foreign languages, economics, economic geography, and public and private law. This was truly innovative and raised the bar to a completely new level.

An openness toward the world has been inherent to WU since its foundation. For 125 years, its pioneer achievements have received acclamations.

  • A Campus for the Future

Shortly after the turn of the millennium, student numbers had outgrown the university campus on Althanstrasse, opened in 1982. 

A campus to dwarf all others was thus designed to be constructed on the area of the 1873 Vienna International Exhibition in the 2nd district. International top architects were invited to enter a design competition to develop a vision of a university of the future together with WU. 

On a surface of about 100,000 square meters, an accessible and sustainable campus was created, which has offered WU members optimum work and study conditions since 2013. Campus WU is more than just a place of research and teaching. It encapsulates social, cultural, and political life. 

Slightly more than half of the area has been turned into a park accessible to the public.

WU has around 21,000 students from over 100 countries, and is one of the largest educational institutions for business, economics, and the social sciences in Europe.

Campus WU is a unique, modern university complex with approximately 100,000m2 of floor space, offering students and faculty optimal conditions for teaching, learning, and research.

The TIJA 2023 Organizing Committee

A. Rashad Abdel-Khalik, Editor, TIJA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anne d’Arcy, Institute for Corporate Governance, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business,
supported by the WU Center for Strategic Business Analytics (CSBA)