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Code of Conduct

Bild Respekt

Culture and Contracting

The following guidelines have been designed for your studies at the Institute for Corporate Governance. They represent a basic code of conduct which is expected to be respected by every student.

What do we expect from our students?

  • It is essential to respect some ground rules when it comes to interacting with your colleagues and faculty members.

  • Punctuality is taken for granted for all offered courses. You represent the Institute for Corporate Governance externally; therefore, we count on your reliability and sense of responsibility.

  • During your curriculum, you will have to work on several group assignments. We expect team spirit and fairness towards everyone who is involved in the project. This implies that you respect agreements and meetings, and make significant contributions to your team work and during discussions.

  • All project related information and, in particular, information concerning project partners have to be treated confidentially. We ask you to treat these information and ideas responsibly and confidentially.

  • A professional and respectful appearance towards colleagues, the faculty as well as project partners and coaches is essential for your success in this master program. Your comments should always be formulated constructively; this means you are asked to indicate suggestions for improvements.