Die Decke des TC Gebäudes.


Consultation hours are by appointment.

Foto Anne d'Arcy

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anne d'Arcy
Head of Institute

Tel.: +43/1/31336-5951
E-Mail: anne.darcy@wu.ac.at


The office hours of the secretariat correspond with the office hours of the Institute.

Foto Silvia Kurz

Silvia Kurz, BA

Tel.: +43/1/31336-4569
E-Mail: silvia.kurz@wu.ac.at

Foto Martina Schwarz

Martina Schwarz

Tel.: +43/1/31336-4982
E-Mail: martina.schwarz@wu.ac.at

Academic staff

Consultation hours are by appointment.


Foto Simon Benner

Simon Benner

E-Mail: simon.benner@wu.ac.at

Former Staff

Dr. Evelyn Braumann, FRM
Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
School of Business and Economics, Accounting

Foto Christian Haas

Dr. Christian Haas

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Quantitive Analysis
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Foto Dr. Stefan Hahnenkamp

Dr. Stefan Hahnenkamp
Burgenland Energie AG

Photo Philipp Hampl

Philipp Hampl, M.M.A., M.Sc.


Foto Madeline Kalista

Madeline Kalista, M.S.
Instiute for Accounting and Auditing, Group International Accounting

Dr. Celia Leverkus, M.Sc.


Dr. Robert Lindorfer

Federal Ministry of Finance

Dr. Clemens Löffler
FH Wien der WKW
University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication

Foto Olga Parshukova

Olga Parshukova, MA

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmid, PhD

Universität Wien, Institut für Betriebwirtschaftslehre