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BBE selection SS 2023


The selection process for our Specialization (BBE & SBWL) has been completed and what happens now?

More Information & What happens now?

  • LPIS-​registration for selected students: 16.-19.02.2023 (LV4263 & LV5443)

  • Welcome@IfU: 28.02.2023, 03:30p.m., D5.0.001 (compulsory) & Dienstagsbier afterwards


If you do not want to accept the offered place, we ask you to send an email to ifu@wu.ac.at immediately (or at least till Tuesday [14.02.2023] before registration to course 1 starts)so that someone else who applied can still be nominated instead. If you do not inform us in time, we will not be able to consider you for a new application. We ask for your understanding.

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