Die Stiege zum ersten Obergeschoss des D3 Gebäudes.

Submitted application, and now?

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in our SBWL. We are pleased that so many students have applied. However, since our capacities are limited, this also means that we can only accept a part of the applicants.

Students will be informed by LPIS about the current status of their admission.

  • Admitted students have been evaluated with a "successfully participated"

  • "void/nichtig" is awarded to those students who have not fulfilled the formal criteria for admission. (incomplete/wrong/no application)

  • if you have no information in LPIS than you're on the Waiting List


If you do not accept the offered place, send an e-mail to ifu@wu.ac.at immediately or at least 2 days before the LPIS registration for our course 1 will start, so that someone from the waiting list can be re-nominated. Without prior cancellation - we reserve the right to block you from taking the BBE-Program.

LPIS registration: Please register - during the registration period - in the LPIS for one of the offered 1-semester courses. After successful registration for course 1 you can then also register for course 2.
Participation in Welcome@IfU is obligatory.