[Translate to English:] [Translate to English:] Buchung der FLEX Räume

Booking FLEX rooms

The booking of the FLEX rooms takes place via Rooms. Instructions for booking in Rooms can be found here.

[Translate to English:] Buchung via Rooms

Deputy booking of the FLEX Center rooms

The rooms of the FLEX Center can also be booked on behalf of colleagues or students. For this purpose, the "Media Owner" field is available in the room booking tool Rooms:

  • If a person is entered in this field, they are authorized to collect the access card for the rooms of the center during the booked time.

  • Furthermore, if the Media Owner field is used, the videos/audio files produced in the FLEX Media Studios will only be uploaded to the private Planet eStream area of the person entered.

Use of the "Media Owner" field in rooms:

  • If you would like to book a FLEX Center room on behalf of other WU employees, enter the first and last name or user name of the person in question in the "Media Owner" field.

  • If you would like to book one of the rooms for students, you must enter the matriculation number.

  • Please note that only one name can be entered at a time. It is not possible to assign the booking/media to more than one person.

Deputy bookings

Borrowing the access card

To gain access to the FLEX Center after booking, you will need an access card, which must be collected in advance from the IT Service Desk in the TC building (room TC.0.63 - site map). The access card must be returned on the same day. If recording takes place on several days, the card must still be returned at the end of the day and then borrowed again.