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Virtual rhetoric training

The virtual rhetoric training is a virtual reality environment for practicing rhetoric and presentation skills. Via VR glasses you can use three different virtual scenarios to train your rhetorical skills, to improve them and to reduce stage fright. One scenario, for example, represents a very large lecture hall comparable to the Audimax, in which you can give your own teaching lecture in front of many students. You can also make the virtual rhetoric training available to your students as part of your course.

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The evaluation of your training sequence (e.g. use of filler words, word repetitions or speed of speech) supports the analysis and improvement of the presentation.

The virtual rhetoric training is used with wireless VR glasses. You can either use the VR glasses directly in the FLEX Lab or borrow them on request and practice with them in your own office or use them in the classroom.

If needed, we will be happy to assist you in handling the VR glasses and guide you in using the virtual rhetoric training.

Contact us to make an appointment or to borrow the VR glasses with the virtual rhetoric training!