What are Emerging Markets?

There is no generally accepted definition of the term “Emerging Markets” (EM). Emerging Markets are countries in transition to developed/advanced economies. Internationally they are still often classified as developing countries. Typical characteristics of Emerging Markets are high dynamic of growth, fast industrialization and an increasing integration into world markets. Oftentimes fast growing population and rather low quality of living standards are further mentioned as characteristics of emerging market economies.

At the same time, these countries show unincisive technical, social and institutional infrastructure. Insufficient technical infrastructure becomes apparent in transportation systems, energy supply, telecommunication networks and finance and banking systems. Social infrastructure covers education and health care systems as well as social security systems and public safety. Weaknesses of the institutional systems of EM compared to developed economies become apparent in immature political, administrative and legal systems. Institutional insecurities interfere with the smooth functioning of product, labor and capital markets. One the one hand, the initiated catching-up process and process of modernization and the societal change that comes along with that create enormous market potential for local and international businesses. But on the other hand, risks arise from the lack of infrastructural requirements and the institutional change.

Which countries are considered Emerging Markets?

Currently about 40 states are considered EM economies. The countries are usually classified into groups of countries that are either geographically close (European, Latin American, Asian, etc. growth markets) or that show similarities in economic, social and demographic key figures. There are various established sub-groups such as the BRICS-countries (Brasilia, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

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Emerging Markets (broad definition)

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