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[Translate to English:] Indian Institute of Technology Dehli

The Indian Institute of Technology Dehli - Vienna Residency 2024 at the WU Executive Academy

Arnold Schuh taught the course "Business strategies for Europe" that intended to introduce the 40 MBA students into the “spirit of the place”, namely characteristics of the Austrian economy and its…

[Translate to English:] Linguistic Diversity

“Linguistic diversity in professional settings: Needs, policies and practices”

The conference is organized by our Associated Member Johannes Schnitzer (Head of the Institute for Romance Languages) and will take place at WU Vienna on May 2-3, 2024.

[Translate to English:] CEC Group Photo

Great start of the 11th cohort of the Central Europe Connect-Program at WU

Last week, the CEC program director, Arnold Schuh, together with the team around Victoria Schwabl at the International Office hosted successfully the first course week at WU.

[Translate to English:] sustainability panel

"From Vision to Green Action: Implementing Environmental Sustainability Across Borders" - Review

To better understand the view from manufacturers and their contributions to a sustainable planet the Central Europe Connect-Program and the CEE CercleWU invited representatives of the manufacturing…

[Translate to English:] Nadine Thielemann

Meet our Members

Among our accomplished members is Nadine Thielemann, a full professor of Slavic Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and Head of the WU's Institute for Slavic Languages (Department of Business…