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J. Hanns Pichler


o.Univ.Prof.Dkfm.Mag.Dr.Dr.h.c. J. Hanns Pichler, M.Sc. - Professor Emeritus


here you find my CV (EN) and
here my CV (DE)

Thematic focus:

  • Development strategies

  • International finance/financial structures

  • Financing strategies/debt management

  • SME structures and sector policies

  • International development, development policy

  • Entrepreneurial strategies/typologies

  • Corporate values, attitudes and behaviour

  • Exchange rate strategies and exchange rate regimes

  • World monetary system and monetary mechanisms

  • International economic relations/interdependencies

Publications (en/de) - numerial overview:

  • Monographs, research volumes, editor, co-author (approx. 45 in total)

  • Scientific essays, contributions to collective works, various articles (over 250)

  • Review essays, individual reviews, commentaries (around 200)

  • Research reports, papers, conference presentations, lectures (about 120)

  • Editor, Zeitschrift für Ganzheitsforschung mit Schrifttumsspiegel, Vienna (up to and including 50th year, 2007)

  • Digitalized online edition together with G.E. Tichy, in cooperation with Steirische Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft and Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, Graz, of: Othmar Spann, Collected Works (21 vols.), www-launch Jan. 2018

Translations of individual books/essays into Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese/Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic/Urdu.
A detailed chronological overview of the publications (1958 up to and including 1996) can be found in the commemorative "Festschrift" on accasion of his 60th birthday: Wege zur Ganzheit, edited by G.E. Tichy, H. Matis and F. Scheuch, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 1996, pp. 1089-1124