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Se­lec­ted re­cent pub­lic­a­tions

  • Badinger, Har­ald, Eg­ger, Peter. Forth­com­ing. Spacey Par­ents and Spacey Hosts in For­eign Dir­ect In­vest­ment. Eco­nom­ica 84 (335), 480-497.

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  • Huber, Florian, Punzi, Maria Teresa. 2017. The short­age of safe as­sets in the US in­vest­ment port­fo­lio: Some in­ter­na­tional evid­ence. Journal of In­ter­na­tional Money and Fin­ance 74, 318-336.

  • Schnee­baum, Alyssa, Rehm, Miriam, Mader, Kath­ar­ina, Hol­lan, Katar­ina. 2017. The Gender Wealth Gap Across European Coun­tries. Re­view of In­come and Wealth,

  • Ober­dabernig, Doris, Schnee­baum, Alyssa. 2017. Catch­ing Up? The edu­ca­tional mobil­ity of migrants' and nat­ives' chil­dren in Europe:. Ap­plied Eco­nom­ics 49 (37), 3701-3728.

  • Weber, Andrea, Nekoei, Arash. 2017. Does Ex­tend­ing Un­em­ploy­ment Be­ne­fits Im­prove Job Qual­ity? Amer­ican Eco­nomic Re­view 107 (2), 527-561.

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  • Fichet de Clair­fon­taine, Aurélien, Ham­mer, Chris­toph. 2017. Is the Wage Equa­tion Spa­tial Enough?: Evid­ence from a novel re­gional trade data­set. Re­view of In­ter­na­tional Eco­nom­ics (2017), 1-24.

  • Pen­ner­storfer, Di­eter. 2017. Can Com­pet­i­tion Keep the Restrooms Clean? Price, Qual­ity and Spa­tial Com­pet­i­tion. Re­gional Science and Urban Eco­nom­ics 64, 117-136.

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  • Gu­gler, Klaus, Lieben­steiner, Mario, Schmitt, Stephan. 2017. Ver­tical dis­in­teg­ra­tion in the European elec­tri­city sector: Em­pir­ical evid­ence on lost syn­er­gies. In­ter­na­tional Journal of In­dus­trial Or­gan­iz­a­tion 52, 450-478.

  • Janssen, Maarten, Tetery­at­nikova, Mar­iya. 2017. Mys­ti­fy­ing but Not Mis­lead­ing: When does Polit­ical Am­bi­gu­ity Not Con­fuse Voters? Pub­lic Choice,

  • Duso, To­maso, Szücs, Florian. 2017. Mar­ket power and het­ero­gen­eous pass-­through in Ger­man elec­tri­city re­tail. European Eco­nomic Re­view 98, 354-372.

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