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Blocked EBC3 summer class for students almost done with their studies

If you are currently attending EBC2 (or have already finished the course) and are close to finishing your studies, our blocked EBC3 course might be of interest to you - for information, please go to:

Changes in the new 2019 curricula

Thinking about switching to the new 2019 curriculum and wondering how the new curriculum will affect languages? Click on the link above for more information.

Welcome to the Institute for English Business Communication!

We are part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication.

This website provides information about the Institute, its staff, and how to study Business English at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Teaching-related matters

Information on our current and upcoming courses (such as registration) can primarily be found on learn@wu, so please make sure to always check there!

General teaching-related information can also be found on our website here.


The Institute - either by itself or as part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication - has hosted and continues to host a range of exciting events; some of those events are open to the general public, inviting renowned speakers and experts to interact with students, faculty and other attendees, while others are offered exclusively to our students.

English Research Seminar 15.10.2018

Lecture: Dr. Amanda Potts (Cardiff University): 'Making a patchwork quilt or Frankenstein's monster? Interdisciplinarity and collaboration in CADS' Time: 18:15 - 19:30 Place: WU, Building D2,…

English Research Seminar 26.04.2018

Lecture: Dr. Stephanie Schnurr (University of Warwick, Centre for Applied Linguistics): Exploring ‘another side’ of internal leadership communication through self-denigrating humour Time: 18:15-…

Workshop Dr. Koller 31.01.2018

Lecture: Dr. Veronika Koller (Reader in Discourse Studies - Lancaster University, UK) wird ihr neues Buch (mit Erika Darics) Language in Business, Language at Work (Macmillan, 2018) vorstellen. …

English Research Seminar 30.01.2018

Lecture: Dr. Veronika Koller (Reader in Discourse Studies - Lancaster University, UK): Setting up an undergraduate programme in business communication: a field report Details: 18:30- 20:30; D2.2.228

Gastvortrag Dr. Robert Lawson 12.01.2018

Lecture: Dr. Robert Lawson (Birmingham City University): „#mansplaining, #manterruption and #manspreading“ Details: 12:00 - 13:30; D2.2.228