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Prerequisite for registering for the course: having passed EBC1 & EBC2 (exception: incoming students)


Even though this is an LVP class, registration for the course is required at the beginning of the semester to register for the exam, which can be taken at the end of the corresponding semester at the earliest. In order to distribute exams equally among lecturers, students can take the exam ONLY with the lecturer whose course they registered for. This way, every student fulfilling the prerequisites is generally guaranteed a slot in an EBC4 course (and thus an exam slot), even though no guarantees can be given for a particular class.

Registration for a course allows a student to take the exam at one of the three exam dates offered by the respective lecturer; the first round of exams routinely takes place at the end of the semester, the second one at the beginning of the following semester, and the third round at some point during the following semester. Provided a student is registered for the course (as outlined above), he/she can take the exam at any or all of those three dates (separate registration is required via LPIS - Lehrveranstaltungsanmeldung). The exam must be taken with the respective lecturer at one of those three dates offered, or else registration for a new course in a later semester will be required again to allow registration for the exam.

The following EXAMPLE is intended to help you understand the registration system better:

You are registered for an EBC4 COURSE in WS2019. You will have up to three opportunities to take the exam based on that registration:

  • 1st round: end of WS2019/20

  • 2nd round: beginning of SS2020

  • 3rd round: middle of SS2020

  • (4th round: end of SS2020 - POSSIBLE ONLY IF YOU FAILED THE EXAM AT ONE OF THE PREVIOUS THREE DATES; in this case, you will need to register at the secretaries' office rather than via LPIS)


However, if you do not take the exam at any of the three dates offered, you will need to register again for a course in a later semester (and then take the exam at the end of that semester at the earliest).

The following EBC4 Courses are on offer

Beer/HerlesLife in Britain and the U.S.eVVZ details
GasserLegal EnglisheVVZ details
KösterLanguage and Diversity in Business CommunicationeVVZ details
RaabFinancial Markets - Investment Terminology and JargoneVVZ details

What is tested at the Exam (applies to all examiners)

  • Content of the lecture itself

  • Current economic affairs based on a reader available for the lecture

  • General language skills


General Exam Procedure

Written exam (except for Ms. Köster's class) covering the items specified above; details will be provided by the individual lecturers.

General Language Assessment Criteria


  • Correctness (terminology, grammar, etc.)


  • Range of linguistic expression (vocabulary, use of idioms, etc.)


  • Ability to present economic facts and concepts