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English Business Communication

Diagram illustrating the interaction between discourse, language, and communication. These areas are covered by our teaching, learning, impact, and research.

The research projects at our Institute aim to contribute to the academic community and beyond by providing innovative insights in the field of English Business Communication from a linguistic perspective. While the approaches taken in the linguistic analyses comprise a wide range of theories and methodologies, the research profile of the Institute for English Business Communication is based on the interplay of three main areas of study: language, discourse, and communication.




These three main areas of research are linked to the curricula of English Business Communication courses run by the Institute. They develop students’ language awareness and competence by providing them with a range of communicative skills required for successful professional interaction. Specifically, students are trained in the effective comprehension and production of a variety of spoken and written business genres, and in the intricacies of language use appropriate to specific discursive contexts.



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