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Ruth Trinder

Prof. Ruth Trinder

Prof. Ruth Trinder

Associate Professor

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Ruth Trinder received her first degree in English and American studies in 1993 from the University of Vienna, and started working for the Institute for English Business Communication shortly afterwards.

She wrote her doctoral dissertation on new media in language learning and teaching and was awarded a PhD in English in May 2000. In 2006 she completed her Habilitation, which focuses on students' attitudes towards online/blended learning in the context of individual learner differences.

Her areas of research and interest include CALL (computer-assisted language learning), individual differences theory, language teaching methodology, and English literature. As project leader, she has been involved in the development and evaluation of online learning materials for the Institute.

A full list of publications and research activities can be found in PURE.

She is currently representing the WU in the Erasmus project "IntlUni: The challenges of the multilingual and multicultural learning space", which involves cooperation of 37 universities from 28 countries.

Information about this project can be found at http://intluni.eu/

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