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English Business Communication

Welcome to the Institute for English Business Communication!

We are part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication.

This website provides information about the Institute, its staff, and how to study Business English at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Current situation regarding registration for EBC courses

EBC1: We have excess capacity in several classes. If you are on a waiting list for a specific course, please make sure to sign up for one of those classes which do have spaces available, as no places will be added to any full courses!

EBC2: We are working on covering excess demand, please bear with us.

EBC3; Overall supply clearly exceeds total demand, which means we will NOT add any spaces to classes that are full. If you find yourself on a waiting list, please make sure to sign up for one of the classes that still have capacity, or you will not be able to attend EBC3 this semester. Please also check the respective syllabi of those classes, and you will find that time constraints will not be an issue for most of those classes.

EBC4: We will make sure to find room for everybody who hasn't been able to register yet, but will need some time for that given special circumstances.

Status update

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the challenging summer semester!

It looks as though the winter semester will be no less challenging, but we are doing the best we can under the circumstances to continue to provide excellent education and a suitable level of other services.

Any administrative questions can be directed to, and we will try to respond as adequate.

On behalf of the Institute,
Axel Beer

New Specialization in "International Business Communication"

Please click here for detailed information on this exciting new opportunity!

Changes in the 2019 curricula

Thinking about switching to the new 2019 curriculum and wondering how the new curriculum will affect languages? Click on the link above for more information.

Teaching-related matters

Information on our current and upcoming courses (such as registration) can primarily be found on learn@wu, so please make sure to always check there!

General teaching-related information can also be found on our website here.


The Institute - either by itself or as part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication - has hosted and continues to host a range of exciting events; some of those events are open to the general public, inviting renowned speakers and experts to interact with students, faculty and other attendees, while others are offered exclusively to our students.

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