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Welcome to the Institute for English Business Communication!

We are part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication.

This website provides information about the Institute, its staff, and how to study Business English at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Status update

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the last few challenging semesters!

We have all now received official guidance as to what the winter semester has in store for us, so - at least for the time being - all EBC classes will be taught on campus, and we continue to do the best we can under the circumstances to continue to provide excellent education as well as all other relevant services. You have been doing a great job to help us in doing so, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in person soon! Please make sure to keep following the guidelines issued by WU to create a pleasant and safe work and study environment for students and faculty members alike!

Any administrative questions can be directed to bizcomm@wu.ac.at, and we will try to respond as adequate.

On behalf of the Institute,
Axel Beer

Registration for EBC1 in WS21/22

Registration for our EBC1 courses starts on September 20 (3pm). We expect to be able to offer enough slots overall, but there may be temporary shortages once the registration process has started. If necessary, we will add capacity wherever possible once ALL classes are filled, but please note that this has to be done manually, so this might take some time.

Here's what to do if you don't get a space at first:

- make sure to put your name on waiting lists for all those classes you could attend
- wait for us to deal with potential shortages
- keep checking LPIS if new slots have become available
- please don't contact lecturers or the Institute

Just to reiterate: we fully expect to have enough slots, so please be patient if you should not get into a class right away. Please also remember that, with around 500 students signing up for EBC1, it is not possible for everyone to get into their top choices.

Finally, we are introducing a completely revamped EBC1 class this year, so make sure to check out the new syllabus including literature requirements!

Specialization in "International Business Communication"

Please click here for detailed information on this exciting opportunity!

Teaching-related matters

Information on our current and upcoming courses (such as registration) can primarily be found on learn@wu, so please make sure to always check there!

General teaching-related information can also be found on our website here.


The Institute - either by itself or as part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication - has hosted and continues to host a range of exciting events; some of those events are open to the general public, inviting renowned speakers and experts to interact with students, faculty and other attendees, while others are offered exclusively to our students.

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