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Vortrag: "Kryptowährungen - steuerrechtliche und bilanzrechtliche Behandlung"

Vor­trag von Univ. - Prof. Dr. Klaus Hirschler zum Thema "Kryptowährungen - steuer­recht­liche und bil­an­zrecht­liche Be­hand­lung" beim In­foabend der Kam­mer der Steuer­berater und Wirtschaft­sprüfer in Wien

Science Talk: „Money talks. Chances for cryptocurrencies?“ with Sigrid Stagl and Guido Schäfer

At the next Science Talk of the Min­istry of Science, the WU fac­ulty will speak twice at the "Aula der Wis­senschaften" about "Money talks. Op­por­tun­it­ies for crypto­cur­ren­cies?" rep­res­en­ted by Sigrid...

Bitcoin & Consumers - Protection and education are of particular interest

2 Panel dis­cus­sions: Panel l in "Crypto­cur­ren­cies and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion", Panel ll on "Cash­ing Out" in Aus­tria, incl. Reg­u­lat­ory Status Quo in the Bank­ing Sector

Blockchain and the Token Economy

Could na­tions states lose their mono­poly on print­ing money?


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