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Linguistikzirkel 11.01.2021

Alexander Lasch (TU Dresden): Reden ist nicht alles. Management-Kommunikation auf dem angewandt-linguistischen Prüfstand WU Campus, Gebäude D2, Raum D2 2.228; Zeit 18:15 – 19:45

Linguistikzirkel 19.11.2020

Jonas Hassemer (Universität Wien): Reflektive Praktiken in einer Beratungsstelle für Geflüchtete in Wien Campus WU, Gebäude D2, Eingang D, 2. OG, Raum D2 2.228 Zeit: 18:15 – 19:45

Linguistikzirkel - wird verschoben

(Zwei Vorträge!) Florence Oloff (University of Oulu, Finland): “I can’t find the ‘okay’”: Learning how to use smartphones in adult education courses (17:00 – 18:15) und Iuliia Avgustis (University…

English Research Seminar 26.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Lecture: Prof Tyrkkö kindly agreed to host one-on-one sessions for staff with more in-depth questions about how to visualize data for their own research projects. - Date & time: Thursday, 26…

English Research Seminar 26.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Lecture: Prof Tyrkkö will give a talk entitled “Keep it Simple, Stupid: Stylometric and Corpus-pragmatic Perspectives to Political Speeches over the Decades” - Date & time: Thursday, 26 March,…

New Specialization in "International Business Communication"

We are happy to announce that our Department will start offering an exciting new specialization in WS20/21! In five courses (all held in a PI format), you will learn about a wide range of aspects of international business communication:

- Key Concepts

- Internal Business Communication

- External Business Communication

- Intercultural Business Communication

- Skills

Please click here to see a rough overview of the anticipated content of the courses.

Once you have passed the Key Concepts course, you can take the remaining 4 classes in any particular order. However, we do recommend you save the Skills class for last, since this will build to some extent on the other courses.

Please find below all relevant information that is available for now (more details to follow).

Organizational aspects:

This specialization will accept 30 students per semester, with registration starting in late August. Places will mostly be assigned on a first-​come, first-​served basis, with up to 15 slots reserved for students who were awarded a grade of 1 (Very Good) on the CBK course "introduction to Business Communication". Additionally, a couple of spaces will be set aside for students at an advanced stage of their studies.

Once accepted, you have to sign up for Key Concepts and pass that course to be able to attend any of the other classes. At this point, the plan is to offer the modules of Key Concepts, External Business Communication, and Intercultural Business Communication in WS20/21 & add the remaining courses as of SS21.