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New Master's program "Business Communication"

Students on WU Campus Master Bizcomm

In the new Master’s Program in Business Communication (BizComm), students learn how to plan, design, and manage communications and how to use strategic communication to achieve business goals. The program is based on three main pillars: Business Communication and Language, Intercultural Business Communication, and Strategic Communication Management. Students will explore these areas in depth and in hands-on research projects. They will be equipped with the methodological skills they need to take on leading positions in strategic communication after graduation.


Teilnahme an der AJEMC Konferenz

Zwei Mitglieder unseres Instituts, Univ.Prof. Jens Seiffert-Brockmann und Laura Hackl M.A., nahmen Anfang August an der AJEMC Konferenz in Detroit teil, wo sie einen Vortrag zum Thema „„Unity in…

English Research Seminar 15.06.2022

"Examining the role and importance of small talk during performance appraisal interviews at a globalized company" - Fien De Malsche, PhD student from the University of Antwerp - Time & place:…

English Research Seminar 08.06.2022

"Causes of miscommunication in meetings – a BELF perspective" - Evan Frendo, freelance teacher, trainer and author - Time & place: 2022-June-08 18:00, room D2.2.228

Lectures in Language, Culture and Communication 02.06.2022

Do 2. Juni 2022 Luisa Conti 18:00 – 19:30 D2.0.374 Seminarraum Titel: "Internationale virtuelle Zusammenarbeit: Empirisch fundierte Leitlinien für Teams"

Ursula Lutzky speaks at Interactional Variation Online (IVO) on approaches to communication in the Covid-19 crisis

On May 20th 11:00 GMT, Associate Professor Ursula Lutzky will speak about the Association for Business Communication for Europe, Africa and the Middle East and deliver a speech on ‘We’re not an…

Lectures in Language, Culture and Communication 19.05.2022

Do 19.5. 2022, Martin Hartung 18:00-19:30 D2.2.228 Besprechungsraum Title: "Angewandte Gesprächsforschung"