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Public Lecture: Franzisca Weder

"The Sustainability Story" | Univ.Prof. Dr. Franzisca Weder | We., 24-jan-2024, 18:00 | Library & Learning Center, Ceremonial Hall 1

Public Lecture: Alexandra Schwell

„Die Grenzen der Unsicherheit. Zu einer Kulturanalyse der Differenz” | Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Schwell | 18:00, room D2.2.228

Public Lecture: Sriramesh Krishnamurthy

"Reducing Ethnocentricity in the Public Relations Body of Knowledge: A Program of research" | Prof. Sriramesh Krishnamurthy | 17:00, room TC.5.04

Public Lecture: Luoma-aho Vilma

”Communication & Disinformation – 4 windows of attack” | Prof. Luoma-aho Vilma | 17:00, room D2.2.228

Public Lecture: Jeannette Littlemore

„Creative Metaphor and the Expression of Evaluation in Conversations About Work” | Prof. Jeannette Littlemore | 17:00, room D2.2.228


[Translate to English:] ABC-Preise für Ursula Lutzky

ABC awards for Ursula Lutzky

Ursula Lutzky received two prestigious awards at the 88th Annual International Conference of the Association for Business Communication, which was held from October 25 to 28, 2023, in Denver (USA):

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Letter of Award

We are happy to announce that our colleague Tetiana Shevchenko was awarded with an Ernst Mach Grant. Tetiana received the grant for her project on "Corporate Blacklisting: Strategic business…

[Translate to English:] Remedies against the Pandemic: How politicians communicate crisis management

New Publication

Remedies against the Pandemic: How politicians communicate crisis management Edited by Nadine Thielemann and Daniel Weiss “Remedies against the Pandemic” offers a fresh perspective on political…