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English Research Seminar 17.05.2019

17. Mai 2019

Vortrag: Robert Gibson ( freelance, responsible for Intercultural Training at Siemens AG until 2018) "Navigation cultures in a VUCA world"

Zeit: 17.05.2019

Ort: Ort: WU, Gebäude D2, Eingang D, 2.OG, Besprechungsraum D2.2.228

Abstract: This interactive presentation will be in three parts: 1. Why is culture important for business? 2. How do unconscious bias and cultural differences impact business? 3. How can companies address unconscious bias and leverage cultural differences for competitive advantage? It will be based on the practical experience of designing and delivering intercultural training programs for individuals, teams and organizations in a large international company with over 380,000 employees in 190 countries worldwide.

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