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Diversity & Inclusion

14. März 2023

Diversity and Inclusion are more than just buzzwords in today’s business life. The collective volume “Diversity and Inclusion across languages” contributes to the question how organizations and businesses approach the communicative and linguistic aspects of D&I.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in a corporate business may once have been no more than a lofty goal. Today it is seen as an important asset for all types of businesses. This book analyzes the communicative aspects of D&I in organizational as well as corporate settings. Its close look into linguistic practices allows a deeper understanding of D&I and the challenges related to it. The interdisciplinary contributors (scholars and practitioners alike) used quantitative and qualitative approaches. They examined the communication for, within and about a diverse society from a variety of angles. The topics they cover include linguistic diversity, D&I in corporate reports and D&I in criminal law and boardrooms. Thus, they lay out the challenges of implementing D&I management in everyday business. They also highlight the relation between language use and D&I.

Diversity and Inclusion
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